Art Conversation …


Art Conversation is a creative exchange inter-Artists & public  via Universal Language : ART. Innovative Artists are invited to take part… “ARTISTES SANS FRONTIERES

Art Conversation between artists and public.

Art Conversation (Storytelling) is a creative Itinerary toward “Art’ UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE : “. Innovative artists are invited to take part.

Photographer, painter, poet, sculptor, filmmaker, performer, singer,musician,philosopher, etc. are invited to this  journey;

a kind of  itinerary toward collective language; an itinerary without preconception through  reflection & creation .

Each single human-being is “unique” with its own “key massage” to offer to the others …

Let’s focus on our own “Multifaceted Me” as a matter and then recreate it!

We’re artwork of our time;

We perceive countless history around us;

Creation & communication is an exclusive way to be self-conscious…We’re all contemporary artists!

By the way, ARTISTES SANS FRONTIERES offers online Workshops :

Performances, Discussions, Concerts, Diffusion, Installation, etc. in the optimism to run further reflectivity by conversation through universal language: the “language of art” as our slogan:

Art is born out of an inherent conversation with self and others…

ARTISTES SANS FRONTIERES created in Paris -November 2001 by Amaneh ESKANDARI ‘Zohreh’, an Iranian visual artist.